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Veterans BenefitsVeterans are an important class of our population and as such, have various benefits available to them. Many of the benefits are based on the type of service by the Veteran, their health, or a combination of these factors. It is recommended that Veterans speak with a legal professional who will be able to tailor their benefits to their unique situation and help them obtain all benefits potentially available.

As Veterans age, health care becomes increasingly important. The government recognizes this and provides certain health care services available only to Veterans. The VA is required to provide hospital and outpatient care defined as “necessary” to all eligible Veterans. In addition to the necessary benefits, Veterans may qualify for drug dependency treatment, blindness rehabilitation, and HIV/AIDS treatment programs, among others. The quality of health care at the VA is consistently ranked high among their peers, and with over 1,200 locations where Veterans can go to receive care, it is important that Veterans take advantage of these benefits and meet with a legal professional to determine their eligibility.

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The VA also provides a pension program for Veterans. This program is needs-based and in order to qualify a Veteran must have a permanent disability that is not connected to their service or a limited income without the ability to work. There are several other requirements Veterans must fulfill to be eligible for the pension program such as having been discharged from service after at least 90 days of active service with one day being in an eligible wartime period, and be 65 years of age or older. Veterans who are eligible for a basic pension may qualify for a pension at an increased rate if they require the assistance of another individual to perform daily tasks.

If you or a loved one are a Veteran and need help navigating the benefits you are entitled to, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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